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Beeton Fall Engagement Session || Joel + Emma

Capturing Joel and Emma’s engagement session was enjoyable, easy, and refreshing. Emma included her beautiful equine partner, Aice, in their session. Be sure to check out a glimpse of their fall engagement session, new on the blog! . Emma and Joel, thank you for giving me the opportunity to get to serve you - I can’t wait to capture your beautiful August 2019 wedding!

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Guelph Equine Session || Holly McFarlane Photography || two.wild.hearts

There are a few things I really love to capture when I've got my camera in-hand; big, fluffy snowflakes, horses, and women who have an unspeakable bond with their equine (in no particular order of course). All of those things come together beautifully in this Equine Portrait Session I had the pleasure of doing a couple of weeks ago! 

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