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Arthur Farm Family Session || The Wright Family

This farming family portrait session was yet another session that had me driving down a rural driveway upon completion with a smiling heart. Once again, I spent time with an amazing group of individuals; a family who welcomed me onto their beautiful farm and shared the true essence of their family with me. Thank you to the Wright’s for giving me the privilege of capturing your beautiful family.

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Brides & Vows || Barns & Cows, Ontario Agriculture Photographer

As I continue to share aspects of my journey behind the camera, I began thinking of how confusing it must be for some who expect to see my feed filled with images of smiling brides, families who’ve reunited for their ‘we finally managed to get everyone together’ family session, peppered with the odd image of cows, people and their cows, and maybe even a tractor thrown in there.

 Although I typically fail to fall into the “trends” of social media, I am going to do a Friday Introduction post in the form of a blog post.

Brides & Vows + Barns & Cows = BALANCE

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