Guelph Fall Engagement Session || Cody + Kayla

Is it still winter? I know, I know… we are all ready for Spring. Let’s forget about the cold and snow with Cody and Kayla’s warm, summer engagement session on the blog today! This engagement session from 2017 simply has to be shared before I eventually post their stunning 2018 wedding! Cody’s charming and unique proposal has all the feels, so be sure to grab a glass of wine before you continue!

Fall is a very busy time on the farm! It’s also prime Fall Fair season which means: cow shows (insert clapping and cheering from all my farm friends). Cody and Kayla had spent a very busy Thanksgiving (2016) weekend exhibiting cattle, both beef and dairy, at the Erin Fall Fair. Hoping to unwind a little, Cody asked Kayla if they could go out for a nice relaxing ride on the horses the following weekend.

~ Saturday, October 15, 2016 ~

Together they headed out to the pasture to get the horses tacked up, but were unable to catch the mare. She’s a little goofy sometimes and this had Cody all flustered and frustrated (if you know Cody, this is uncharacteristic of him). Unable to successfully catch that tricky mare, Kayla thought they could just ride double on Splash, a handsome Paint gelding (for those of you who don’t know horses, Paint = pretty… usually brown and white, or black and white with beautiful markings. Some even have blue eyes).

They rode off to the back of the farm doubled up on Splash - come one, doesn’t this set a perfectly cuddly and romantic tone for an afternoon ride?! Autumn had reached its peak and the trees were absolutely beautiful, with all of their colours on display. Cody and Kayla rode along on Splash, chatting about all the plans they had for their recently purchased home (which at the time was a couple of months into the demolition process) and the hopes and dreams they had for its renovation.

As they approached the back of the farm, Cody suggested they dismount the horse. Kayla questioned it, but agreed. Just as Kayla’s feet hit the ground, she turned around to find Cody on one knee. He had all of the letters Kayla had written to him over the years, asking if she really meant everything she had written. Eyes filled with tears, Kayla responded “yes, I mean them.” Cody then pulled out the most beautiful ring asking if Kayla would spend the rest of her life with him.

She said yes!!!!

How beautiful is Kayla’s engagement ring!?

How beautiful is Kayla’s engagement ring!?


Working with Kayla and Cody was easy, fun, and filled with authentic emotion. Kayla is beautiful, compassionate and exudes a contagious energy. Cody is a true country gentleman, a real romantic and their chemistry is second to none! I really could have spent days capturing their love - it was that easy and natural! Needless to say, their beautiful farm wedding will be shared on the blog before long. Stay tuned!

Enjoy some images from their Fall engagement session below. Click on the preview to see the full image!